Best place to start

Two years ago, I picked up a camera for the first time. Well, I should specify: a camera with more options than "take photo now" and the flower and the little dude that runs (I think that was the sport setting?). And I started where every photographer’s handbook will always tell you you should never start: at a wedding.

There’s a reason why all the books of the trade tell you not to do it! This is the most important day of two people’s lives and if you mess it up because you’re shooting inside a dark chapel with no flash at 100 ISO (...not that that happened to me... nope...), you’re running a huge risk to say the least!

Luckily, the risk was reduced by the simple fact that I was shooting with Frederic. In a two month crash course he taught me everything he could and we fed off CreativeLive like it was our job (which it actually kinda was). The day of the wedding, he was so wonderful to shoot with and although the feeling of photographing a wedding is what I imaging a heart attack must feel like, Frederic took care of the couple, the guests and me on top of it all to make sure we got all the right shots.

I was bit by the photography bug. And it hurt like a bi!$% – shooting a wedding is like running a marathon. The next day, every muscle in my body was in pain. Muscles I seriously didn’t know existed.

But who cares! Look at that hot couple! So much fun to spend that day with them. Marie-Eve is THE furthest thing from a bridzilla you can imagine and every word that comes out of Benoit's mouth is hilarious.

It turned out that for me anyway, M-E and B's wedding was the best place to start. Much love and many thanks to the both of you. xox Isabelle