Parc René -Lévesque: Guillaume + Dominique

Les grands froids sont parmis nous! L'été semble déjà un lointain souvenir. Et pourtant! Il y a peine quelques mois, nous profitions des dernières journées de chaleur avec Dominique et Guillaume dans le joli parc René-Lévesque, à Lasalle. Guillaume et Dominique ont apporté plusieurs éléments pour apporter une touche personnelle à leur photo et on adore ça! On se réchauffe donc un peu aujourd'hui avec ses images de la fin septembre d'un couple très amoureux, tout à fait charmant et parent du sympathique Pogo! On a bien hâte à votre mariage en 2015!

Full disclosure: Guillaume is my cousin. I guess you could say we grew up together, but with 700 kms or so separating us, we basically we got to see each other 2 or 3 times a year. When you're kid, it may seem forever between visits, but at the same time, you start back exactly where you left off. As adults, we become different people and if you don't keep in touch, sometimes you drift apart even from your closest family members. When Guillaume and Dominique got in touch for their wedding, Frédéric and I were excited but it had been years since Guillaume and I had actually spent time together. Would we be a good fit for them? After a Skype meeting with the three of them (Pogo was an integral part of the meeting and made sure we resolved all business matters efficiently), I was excited! They are super easygoing and Dominique is just an absolute sweetheart. We had a great time at the engagement session and we're very much looking forward to their wedding in 2015.


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