Casual headshots

In addition to adding maternity portraits to our offering this year, we're expanding on our portrait styles. In 2016, we'll be working on a series of more intimate, on location, portrait sessions. This is something we're really excited about, and even more so now that we've discovered a ton of great locations that are beautifully decorated and inundated in natural light.

Frederic has photographed Guylaine before, for a book she was releasing. He's photographed many of her employees as well, always in the classic and clean headshot style. She's a pleasure to work with, not only because she's devoted her life to helping others (check out all her work here) but because of her trust and openness. For this session, Frédéric suggested something a little different and she was all for it.

We're incredibly pleased with the result and very much looking forward to shooting more of these casual style portraits. We'll be sharing more work on the blog in the coming months, and if you'd like this type of photo, drop us a line!

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