Bespoke Suits

Ok so every wedding magazine, every wedding show, every wedding blog in the world put the bride forward. It's a huge day for the bride, and in many cases, she's making most major decisions. Lets face it, we're probably better at picking out the flowers and we might care a bit more about the type of paper we use to print our invitations than our men.

But dudes!!!! Your suit is 100% on you. And finding your wedding suit deserves to be somewhat more exciting than shopping for a pair of socks.

Gamache Tailleur, in Montreal, makes sure of that. This small workshop located on St-Hubert, is run by two wonderful and talented people. You'll hope you have extra adjustments to your suit just to get to see them again! Bespoke means you choose your fabric, style, stitching, buttons and more importantly, it means your suit fits perfectly. It's also way more affordable than you might think. So visit their website check and head to their workshop. Frederic got his suit done a while back now and he still talks about the experience !