FredericM family photos

After writing so often about the value in getting professional photos done, about capturing and saving your memories, and working with our clients to make them feel comfortable in what can often be a pretty awkward moment (ie getting your picture taken), we figured we should give the experience a try ourselves!

So, last June, we got our favourite photographer in Montreal who recently moved to Edmonton to shoot a portrait session for us. It happened to be a scorching hot day (like 35 degrees +) and Camille was on fire! She wanted to run around everywhere, chasing ducks and whatever moved. It was tough to get her to sit still for a photo, so we didn't. We ran around, followed her beat and Emilie documented it all as it unfolded. We finally have beautiful images of all three of us together. Just a small selection shown here - we're saving our favourites for our walls :)

(Photos by Emilie Iggiotti)