FredericM family photos

After writing so often about the value in getting professional photos done, about capturing and saving your memories, and working with our clients to make them feel comfortable in what can often be a pretty awkward moment (ie getting your picture taken), we figured we should give the experience a try ourselves!

So, last June, we got our favourite photographer in Montreal who recently moved to Edmonton to shoot a portrait session for us. It happened to be a scorching hot day (like 35 degrees +) and Camille was on fire! She wanted to run around everywhere, chasing ducks and whatever moved. It was tough to get her to sit still for a photo, so we didn't. We ran around, followed her beat and Emilie documented it all as it unfolded. We finally have beautiful images of all three of us together. Just a small selection shown here - we're saving our favourites for our walls :)

(Photos by Emilie Iggiotti)

Bespoke Suits

Ok so every wedding magazine, every wedding show, every wedding blog in the world put the bride forward. It's a huge day for the bride, and in many cases, she's making most major decisions. Lets face it, we're probably better at picking out the flowers and we might care a bit more about the type of paper we use to print our invitations than our men.

But dudes!!!! Your suit is 100% on you. And finding your wedding suit deserves to be somewhat more exciting than shopping for a pair of socks.

Gamache Tailleur, in Montreal, makes sure of that. This small workshop located on St-Hubert, is run by two wonderful and talented people. You'll hope you have extra adjustments to your suit just to get to see them again! Bespoke means you choose your fabric, style, stitching, buttons and more importantly, it means your suit fits perfectly. It's also way more affordable than you might think. So visit their website check and head to their workshop. Frederic got his suit done a while back now and he still talks about the experience !


Leaps of faith

When I'm not shooting or going to school, I spend my days in the communications-marketing world, working on campaigns, strategies and researching target audiences.

One of the most over-discussed topics in my field, in my opinion, are millennials. The term millennials, or Generation Y, refers to the generation that was born between the early 1980s and 2000.  

Millennials are frequently caricatured as a generation that wants everything now, that's spoiled, entitled, and that grew up being told if you get a good education, you'll be guaranteed a great career. So we all got educated, more than any generation before us (and we took out major student loans, believing it would be a good investment into our future), and hit the work force, assuming that the world owed us something after we got all those degrees...Except it didn't quite work out that way for many of us.

I don't want to discuss millennials at length here - as a mentioned, it's already a highly discussed topic in the interwebs. I want to tell the story of three friends that took leaps of faith.

Rachelle, Gabrielle and Jonathan all found themselves not entirely fulfilled by their situations and the three of them each decided to do something about it.

Rachelle has two degrees but she was working in a job that required neither of them. Despite dozens of applications sent out, the phone wasn't ringing. She volunteered with different organizations to try and grow her network but that didn't help either. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean lived a man she loved but because she was finishing her masters and had her life on this side of the ocean, they had never spent more than a few months together at a time. But then she was out of school and her career wasn't picking up. So she accepted an offer from this man to come join him. She left her friends and family and moved to the unknown, trusting that life would figure itself out.

It did. She found work, good work, and is now working on major projects in beautiful office over looking the Thames.

Jonathan had a great job that he excelled at. He's one of the brightest most talented people I know. Work wasn't so much the issue for him. It was something else. Something was missing. He tells his own story here much better than I could, but basically for him, it was a question of now or never. You have dreams? Do something about it. Don't wait. So he packed his stuff and is now biking 15 000 km around the world. (You should follow his adventure here. It comes with lovely photos and great stories.)

Gabrielle is from the same small city in Southwestern Ontario where I grew up. She got her degree in dance from York then moved to Montreal for many of the same reasons I moved here. There's something magical about this city, something that makes you believe this is where great things happen. Except great things weren't happening. Dance is in Gab blood. She's always danced and needed to move but Montreal was lacking in opportunities.

Someone in Gaspe was looking for a choreographer. Gabrielle went. She moved 1000 km from Montreal, 1700 km from where we grew up, to a small town on the edge of the world where she knew no one. She's now dancing every day, sharing her passion with the people around her and having a huge impact in her community. You can follow her amazing work here.

I got to photograph Gabrielle in an enchanting studio. She put on some music and starting moving beautifully and I did my best to capture the love and passion she has for what she does. She was so kind to open herself as she did in front of my lens.

Each of these friends are a huge source of inspiration for me. They felt things weren't working out as they had hoped, so they did something about it. Things aren't perfect now either, but they chose uncertainty over dissatisfaction.

I don't think we're entitled. I think we know what we're worth. We want to contribute to our community. We want our work to have meaning, to share what we know and to learn what we don't from the best.  Basically, we just don't want to go to waste.

Maternity portraits : Time to show me your belly

A few days ago, we shared on Facebook that we were now offering maternity sessions. We didn't start our business offering these types of sessions, or even family sessions for that matter, choosing rather to focus on weddings and on the occasional headshot.

Why the change now? The quick answer is that we are now a family ourselves, but there's a bit more to it than that.

When we starting wedding photography 5 years ago, we were inspired by two main factors - a couple of friends of ours who got married, and the work of a few photographers in the United States.  Frédéric had been shooting landscape photography for years before I came in the picture. He travelled all over the world and the choice of destination was highly influenced by the location's photographicability (I stand by my choice of invented word). When our friends got married, they asked Frederic to photograph and I joined in and helped. More on that here.

What inspired us to continue after this first wedding was how much fun we had and how we found that weddings could be photographed differently. Wedding photography didn't have to be a series of stiffly posed photos. We could document people in their environment, throughout their day, and tell their stories.

We chose not to offer maternity sessions simply because they didn't inspire us. We saw many studio photos of bellies on white or black backgrounds, and while they definitely have their merit, they weren't anything that we found we could connect with. Further, I don't even think we felt we could connect with a belly, regardless of the style of the photo. Pregnancy is very intimate and I feel like it's harder to tap into the emotions of the mom-to-be than when it comes to a couple, for example. You can witness a couple's intimacy, love and complicity in a thousand looks, a thousand little touches. But how to you access the emotion between a woman and her belly?

Now that I've been pregnant myself, I feel I can tell that story a little bit better, I can start to understand the relationship between a mother and her baby to be. I think I've also found a way to document these moments in a way that fits with our photography style. That's why we've decided not to offer maternity sessions in studio. We want to photograph you, in your environment, to capture moments that best tell the story of this part of your life. We've only included a few sample images here, to respect the mothers' privacy, but I think these images give a good idea of what we're now offering.

We all experience pregnancy our own way, but it's such a unique moment in our lives that I truly feel it's one worth documenting. 

L'amour du sur mesure

Que ce soit une paire de jeans peinte à la main ou une table de salon en bois recyclé, j'ai toujours eu une réelle admiration pour les artisans.

Avec l'ouvert de la saison des mariage à l'horizon il était grand temps de me mettre à la recherche d'un nouveau complet.

Après plusieurs visite de grands surfaces, un ami m'a présenté J-S Gamache de Gamache Tailleur.

Et là c'est le coup de foudre ! Écouter J-S et Geneviève me parler de tissu, de coupe, de boutons et même de fils ... avec une telle passion m'a rappelé pourquoi je fais de la photographie. On ne compte pas ses heures, on veut apprendre sans cesse et ils nous impossible de ne pas sourire lorsqu'un client regarde pour la première fois son album.

Dans un monde ou l'artisanat disparait au profit des grandes multinationales génériques,  c'est tellement rafraichissant de discuter avec des personnes avec tant de passion pour l'art du beau.

Lorsque nous avons décidé de lancer FredericM Photographie, nous avions une idée claire de ce que nous voulons offrir à nos clients: un service exclusive où chaque future mariée et marié est unique. En sortant de l'atelier de J-S c'est comment cela que je me sentais ( ... non pas marié mais unique ;) )!

Dans les semaines qui viennent, je ferai mon 1er essayage et Isa sera là pour le documenter. Je décompte les jours de la 1ère cérémonie où je le porterai !

En attendant, je vous laisse avec une photo de mon ancien costume, compagnon de certains mariages des dernières années

Whether it be a pair of hand painted jeans or a dining room table made of recycled wood, I have always admired craftsmanship.

With the upcoming wedding season, I started looking for a new suit. But after unsuccessful shopping trips to a few malls, a friend introduced me to J-S Gamache of Gamache Tailleur.

What an experience! Listening to J-S and his wife Geneviève talk about fabric, cuts, buttons and even stitching with such passion reminded me why I love photography. Hours aren't counted, we always want to learn more and watching a client open their album for the first time is an awesome feeling.

In a world where craftsman are replaced by multinationals, it's so refreshing to talk to such passionate people.

When we decided to launch FredericM Photographie, we had a clear idea of what we wanted to deliver to our clients: an exclusive service with the couple's uniqueness at the heart of the experience. When I left J-S's workshop, that's exactly how I felt.

In the upcoming weeks, I'll have my first fitting and Isabelle will be there to document it all. I'm counting down the days to the first opportunity I'll have to wear the suit!

In the mean time, here's a photo of last year's suite, whose retirement is coming soon!



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