Val-des-Monts: Rachelle + Mat

This wedding is very dear to my heart.

Rachelle and I met 10 years ago, in Senegal. We were roommates while we took part in a one month study-abroad program with the University of Ottawa. Her and Mat were already dating then, and I met him a few months later when we returned to Canada.

I don't think we've ever lived in the same city again after that, or at least, not for very long. Rachelle studied in Quebec City after Ottawa, when I moved to Montreal. Then she worked in Haiti, Mat studied in Alberta then later worked in Haiti as well and then they ended up back in Ottawa years later. In between all that, there's like a gazillion other cities and countries they lived in, but I've lost track! But through all those years, we kept in touch and got together with our other dear friend from Senegal, Kim.

Rachelle and Mat have dedicated their careers to making the world more fair and just. And their wedding was in complete harmony with their values. They held an intimate wedding surrounded by their closest friends and family, served all delicious locally sourced food and threw one heck of a party for their guests. 

First, who doesn't love lawn games?! This was the first time I saw this at a wedding, but what I brilliant way to keep guests entertained during cocktail hour.  When they walked up the aisle together as man and wife, their guests threw wheat instead of rice, grown on Rachelle's parents' farm in Northern Alberta. And you know the shoe-game we see at most weddings? Where the husband and wife sit back to back and have to answer questions about each other? It's always a hit, but they switched things up! Instead of having them answer, the MC (their close friend Mireille who did an *amazing* job throughout the evening) had the guests answer. And instead of shoes, guests were all given two cards, one with Gwen Stefani for Mat, and one with Nick Carter for Rachelle. Suffice it to say we laughed pretty hard. 

And their first look. I loved their first look. Rachelle and Mat were both part of the Parliament Pages program - that's how they met. They couldn't have picked a more perfect location than the Museum of Civilization, with the Parliament in the background, for their first look. The sky was dramatic and both sides of the shore are beautiful, with Parliament on the one side and the Museum on the other. The only thing were the people. There were people everywhere! One day we'll show you the befores and afters, but for now just know that Frédéric is an incredible retoucher that does magic with Photoshop!

Ok enough chatting! Time to enjoy this beautiful wedding.

Mat et Rachelle, merci encore de votre confiance. Vous êtes merveilleux, on vous aime! xox


Bespoke Suits

Ok so every wedding magazine, every wedding show, every wedding blog in the world put the bride forward. It's a huge day for the bride, and in many cases, she's making most major decisions. Lets face it, we're probably better at picking out the flowers and we might care a bit more about the type of paper we use to print our invitations than our men.

But dudes!!!! Your suit is 100% on you. And finding your wedding suit deserves to be somewhat more exciting than shopping for a pair of socks.

Gamache Tailleur, in Montreal, makes sure of that. This small workshop located on St-Hubert, is run by two wonderful and talented people. You'll hope you have extra adjustments to your suit just to get to see them again! Bespoke means you choose your fabric, style, stitching, buttons and more importantly, it means your suit fits perfectly. It's also way more affordable than you might think. So visit their website check and head to their workshop. Frederic got his suit done a while back now and he still talks about the experience !


3 reasons to do a "first look"

Traditionally, the groom sees the bride for the first time when she walks down the isle. However, more and more couples are choosing to see each other before the ceremony and we think this is an option that is seriously worth considering.


While we are super happy to photograph either option, we do feel there are great advantages to doing a first look. Here are our top 3 reasons:

1 - Having some "you" time. Between the hair and makeup, preparation, ceremony and reception, the bride and groom actually have very little private time together. Doing a first look, before the ceremony, offers a private moment between the bride and groom were you get to fully appreciate each other, take everything in, before the rush of the day takes over. Of course, Frédéric and I are there as well, but we stand back, with telephoto lenses, to avoid being in your bubble and to allow you to enjoy each other fully.

2 - Fresh hair and makeup. Since it's earlier in the day, your hair and makeup are freshly done and perfect for the photos.

3- Be with your guests at your cocktail. This is likely the key reason why most of our couples choose a first look. Your family and friends just saw you get married to the love of your life, they haven't had the chance to say hi yet since they saw you for the first time as you walked down the isle, and off you go with the photographer for your portraits. Cocktail hour is a great time in a wedding. It's your chance to enjoy a more casual moment with your guests, and hey, tying the knot definitely deserves a glass of champagne!


FrédéricM Photographie - Montréal wedding photography - Photographe de mariage

North Bay: Guillaume + Dominique

Guillaume and Dominique met in North Bay, Dominique's home town, and later moved to Ottawa, Guillaume's hometown. They share their life with Pogo, and while we missed him on the big day, he made sure to make an appearance at their engagement session!

They got married on a lovely fall day in the town where they met many years prior. Lovely, yes, but oh so cold! While we were so thankful it didn't rain, the wind was brisk and unforgiving. And yet you'd have no idea just how cold it was by looking at their photos. They were so happy to be married, so thankful to be surrounded by their loved ones, so in love with one another, that really nothing else mattered.  That, and for real I've said it before, but Dominique is one of the most photogenic people I've ever seen. 

Dominique et Guillaume, merci de nous avoir permis de partager votre grand jour avec vous! On vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde et plus encore xox

Go habs go!

Go habs go!

Those eyes! Dominique!

Those eyes! Dominique!

FrédéricM Photographie - Montréal wedding photography - Photographe de mariage