Maternity portraits : Time to show me your belly

A few days ago, we shared on Facebook that we were now offering maternity sessions. We didn't start our business offering these types of sessions, or even family sessions for that matter, choosing rather to focus on weddings and on the occasional headshot.

Why the change now? The quick answer is that we are now a family ourselves, but there's a bit more to it than that.

When we starting wedding photography 5 years ago, we were inspired by two main factors - a couple of friends of ours who got married, and the work of a few photographers in the United States.  Frédéric had been shooting landscape photography for years before I came in the picture. He travelled all over the world and the choice of destination was highly influenced by the location's photographicability (I stand by my choice of invented word). When our friends got married, they asked Frederic to photograph and I joined in and helped. More on that here.

What inspired us to continue after this first wedding was how much fun we had and how we found that weddings could be photographed differently. Wedding photography didn't have to be a series of stiffly posed photos. We could document people in their environment, throughout their day, and tell their stories.

We chose not to offer maternity sessions simply because they didn't inspire us. We saw many studio photos of bellies on white or black backgrounds, and while they definitely have their merit, they weren't anything that we found we could connect with. Further, I don't even think we felt we could connect with a belly, regardless of the style of the photo. Pregnancy is very intimate and I feel like it's harder to tap into the emotions of the mom-to-be than when it comes to a couple, for example. You can witness a couple's intimacy, love and complicity in a thousand looks, a thousand little touches. But how to you access the emotion between a woman and her belly?

Now that I've been pregnant myself, I feel I can tell that story a little bit better, I can start to understand the relationship between a mother and her baby to be. I think I've also found a way to document these moments in a way that fits with our photography style. That's why we've decided not to offer maternity sessions in studio. We want to photograph you, in your environment, to capture moments that best tell the story of this part of your life. We've only included a few sample images here, to respect the mothers' privacy, but I think these images give a good idea of what we're now offering.

We all experience pregnancy our own way, but it's such a unique moment in our lives that I truly feel it's one worth documenting.